Making a record live and breathe

Photo credit: Jonathan Khor

Photo credit: Jonathan Khor

Maybe you’ve got a great plan and your favourite bass player is already on team but you need some help with some recording sessions? Or fixing a few problems from a previous session to make your tracks really shine? Audio is a serious passion for me... I’m exactly the kind of nerd you need onside.

Getting a good recording to tape doesn't just happen with great equipment. Before we get around to tracking I'm going to take the time needed to ensure you're comfortable and we're capturing your voice or instrument with the perfect sound and vibe. We don't want to rush into ruining a great recorded performance with a terrible sound! Let's find a beautiful spot to put that mic, even if it looks weird. Let's record those drums in just the right part of the right room. Let's make sure that the sound coming out of the recording tells the story you were putting into your piano.


Working with you

I have years of professional experience taking care of all kinds of recording situations to accomplish all sorts of goals:

  • Solo artist & Singer/ songwriters (ranging from demos to fully produced recording)
  • Bands (live "all-together" tracking, overdubbing, live concert recording, full production recording)
  • Choirs (community or professional, on location, in studio)
  • Voice-over narration for video production work

Digital cleanup

One of the key benefits of today's digital recording is the flexibility it gives us when putting together a finished product. I specialise in digital audio editing, cleanup, timing and tuning.

  • If that take of acoustic guitar was absolutely perfect except for the guitarist giving the strings a big squeak half way through or the click track bleeding through in that quiet, sensitive moment — I can help you out. 
  • If that vocal take had perfect emotion, phrasing and most importantly vibe but that high note was unfortunately off key or is plagued by squeaks or pops — I can help you out. 
  • If the drums have a great time but they're just not quite grooving with the bass and the guitars (or vice-versa) — I can help you out. Hey, even if the drummer was getting a bit tired and sloppy towards the end of your tracking but there's absolutely no way to record him again I can pull his takes into line. 

Projects I've recorded/ edited

The Winter Project - The Winter Project

The Unofficial Soundtrack -  Book of Romans

Mustard Radio proof of concept - Mustard Radio

Sons of Korah - Rain, Live Recordings Vol 1, Live in The Netherlands, Wait, Live Recordings Vol 2, Light Of Life Special Edition, Refuge, Fractures

PIPER - More Than Words

Deeper Places audiobook - Dr Matthew Jacoby

Anna Waters - Anna Waters

Ann-Maree Keefe - Time of the Day

Jess Maddock -  Fearless

Groovy Grandies - Groovy Grandies (Unreleased Children's Album)

Barrabool Hills Baptist Church - Joy to the World