Here's some comments from artists and musicians I've loved working with:

Spike brings three amazing qualities to every session: a terrific theoretical understand of music, a wide palette of styles right under his fingers, and feel for days. He always brings something new to each tune, and really serves the song rather than his ego. Throw in a generous serving of being super easy to work with, and I’m looking for excuses to get this guy in the studio.
— Jared Hascheck (Producer)
Spike played bass on my EP in 2013. Although I obviously already knew he was an amazing musician, I found his ability to listen to a song, hear what it needs, and play to it, just incredible. He was so easy to work with - fully investing himself in the creative process for the day, staying sensitive to my vision for each track, as well as coming up with creative ideas that really brought the EP to life. He was exactly the right guy to call on and I was thrilled with the final product. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
— Richelle Boer (Iris)
Spike played bass on my album, Comfort Chair, and was a total pleasure to work with. He is a complete professional, and works creatively to produce the result that the artist and producer are after. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a session bass player.
— Chrissie Pearce
As producer and engineer of the last couple of Sons of Korah albums Spike has taken our project to a new level. His creativity and out-of-the-box ideas have been instrumental in the crafting of a unique and emotive soundtrack to the psalms. Particularly important for us is Spike’s ability to work with a range of different ethic styles and instruments. He has arranged string sections, built rhythm patterns, improved melodies, and basically been the key builder of our recordings. If you want a producer to make you sound better and more interesting than you ever thought you could then Spike is your man. I guarantee he will come up with ideas that you never thought of and turn your songs into well rounded works of art.
— Matthew Jacoby, Sons of Korah
I have dealt with many session musos over the years and Spike Avery is one of the best. He is not only an amazing muso with excellent technical ability, he is fantastic to work with, humble, listens to what I need and is creative. He doesn’t just give clichés or standard riffs, but adds flare and provides insight into what the project needs. He is on time, has an encouraging spirit and is worth every cent paid to get a professional with a brilliant attitude.
— Pamela Joy
Spike Avery is a wonderful bass player who always plays what is tasteful and what will serve and enhance the story/vibe of a song. He has incredible skill on his instruments (fretless included), he has GREAT ears, an astute,quick memory and a really humble, joyful demeanour that makes him a dream to work with. (His jokes are great too but don’t tell him I said so.) He also has lots of production and recording wisdom. He helped me design a live album project by asking great “why” questions...which then helped guide the “how” technicalities. I have no hesitation in saying if you have the opportunity to work with him ....snap it up.
— Nicky Chiswell
Spike is so much more than just a great bass player; his ability to embrace any musical genre and to develop a song is outstanding!
— Ann-Maree Keefe