Leaving home, finding home


Its been a long time between drinks, a good few months since I was last on the road with Sons of Korah. While the break over summer has been nice I’ve been really missing the guys' (and girl) company. I’ve been missing the stage as well, not so much from an ego “get me into the spotlight” sense as a sense of fulfilment and place. There’s lots to love about my life and who I get to live with but there’s not a lot of places (outside of home with my wife) where I feel truly at home as when I’m playing bass, supporting someone, lifting them up and holding the band together.  Its an uncommon experience to be in a place where I have only one thing to do, one goal to accomplish, and to have the confidence and ability to do that one thing well. When there’s only one job to do and I’m good at doing that job, I’m a happy camper.

In the middle of a song there’s only the song. The chords, the melody, the rest of the band, the room – everything becomes one in my vision. The meeting place of the drummer’s groove and the singer’s melody is at the same time a place of multiple possibilities but often an almost ethical sense of imperative. To be moving with the music and at the same time moving the music along feels like just the right kind of swimming with the current. 

When I’m in that zone the rest of the world so easily falls away and I find myself in such singular purpose I really feel at home and  at peace with my existence. Not to say that I never find peace elsewhere but this is a very centering and solidifying experience. A great sense of "home", wherever I am in the world.