As fun and expressive as it is, recording music can be an expensive, time consuming, and stress inducing exercise. It really helps to have a partner with the right skills and experience walking alongside you. Planning well means only spending the time, effort and money you need to to, when and where you you need to. Direction in recording sessions means you can focus on making the best art you can while you can. Bringing together the right team of creative and professional support means you’re always free to be you.

Producing isn't sitting in a fancy leather chair calling all the shots, it's "getting things done" – Making sure a recording project gets finished and gets finished with depth, continuity and character. It can look like many different things:

  • Vision work – Helping you decide exactly what you want your project to be and do. More on that here
  • Co-composition – Helping you find and refine the treasure in your songs. 
  • Pre-production – Planning a roadmap and preparing a budget to make the recording process as fun and stress-free as possible. 
  • Arranging/ orchestration – "Dressing up" a song. Finding the right instruments, parts and players to deliver the song well.
  • Walking with you through all the creative (& necessary but not so creative) steps of the process. 

The very strength of recorded music is also its weakness. You can perform your music even if you can't be there in person: to someone on the other side of  town, or the other side of the planet (even in your sleep!) That said, every time someone listens to your recording they hear the exact same performance. Again and again and again. Songs performed in real life can be fluid and ever changing – existing in the moment. Alongside all of the exciting creative potential modern music production gives us once a song or album is recorded it becomes a static statement: it sounds the way it sounds. So let's explore the options, break new trails and make sure your recording delivers the "definitive" version of your song it should. 

I'd love to help you complete your vision whether it's an album, a single, a demo or perhaps something entirely different. Get in touch and let's talk it all out. 

Albums I've enjoyed producing


Live Recordings Vol 1 - Sons of Korah

The Winter Project - The Winter Project

Book of Romans - The Unofficial Soundtrack

Wait - Sons of Korah

Live in The Netherlands (DVD) - Sons of Korah

Live Recordings Vol 2 -  Sons of Korah

Joy to the World - Barrabool Hills Baptist Church

Fearless - Jess Maddock

Refuge - Sons of Korah

More Than Words - PIPER

Anna Waters - Anna Waters

Fractures - Sons of Korah


Albums I've enjoyed co-producing

Rain – Sons of Korah
Time of the Day – Ann-Maree Keefe