Good News

Good news is always good, but even more enjoyable when the news is delivered just in time! Deciding to buy a keyboard controller over here in Europe as it would be cheaper than bringing mine on the plane seemed like a fine idea until a delivery debacle meant I would be starting my first morning hunting around music stores at 9am. Not my first choice in a new Timezone. 

So I'm very pleased to announce that the replacement keyboard has arrived. And that the good news arrived 10 minutes before I have to get up! I love what I do and can't wait to get into the concerts of this tour with Sons of Korah through The Netherlands and Getmany, but I'm glad that can wait until tonight!



Answered prayers are always good news for your heart, even if that answer is just that you can stay in bed an extra couple of hours! Thank you God for the little things! (& thank you Maarten our tour manager for all these little things too!)