Project Pedalboard is go!


I usually run a few pedals playing bass and synth with Sons of Korah. None of them do anything terribly exciting to my sound (no fuzz boxes, harmonic generators or whammies) but they're all functionally important to the way I work around the rest of the band. 

Constructing and deconstructing the octopus of pedals and cables is a regular part of touring, but not necessarily a fun part. Especially at music festivals where you've typically got about 2 minutes to load onto stage and start playing. 

Bruce our wonderful lead guitarist deals with the same issue and came up with a brand new, never before seen, revolutionary answer: Let's make like a cool rock band and stick all those pedals and cables to a big plank of wood!

As soon as I saw it I was overcome with a special kind of envy. Not gear envy. Not even innovation envy.  

Productivity envy.  

I longed deep in my heart to improve the efficiency of my load in/ out procedure. I began to to despise like never before those arduous minutes spent on my knees, my back bent like an Egyptian slave. I knew there was a better way ahead. 

It was a fair fiddle and frustration putting it together (constructing solder free cables are easier than learning to solder... just...) but boy does it work well! Setup time cut by at least 5 minutes, and all of that crawling around on the floor like an animal!