Next best thing

A blast from the past... 

An old post I wrote on my way to a European tour a few years ago:

The next best thing... (in Singapore... At midnight)

I’m stopping over in Singapore airport for an hour on my way to Amsterdam. With another massive flight to Heathrow and another 7 hour stopover there before moving on I’m feeling pretty ratty and in need of sleep.

No such luck I’m afraid. 

But they have showers in the club lounge. Which is nice. Very nice. Almost as good as sleep. 

But it’s not sleep. Not even the next best thing. 

I don’t need sleep, I’ll just have a shower. 


I don’t need a shower, I’ll just wash my face. 


I don’t need breakfast, I’ll just have a quick coffee. 


I don’t need a lunch break, I’ll just eat this muesli bar while I’m working?


Is a shower supposed to be the same as sleep? How long do you reckon you can keep that up?

Rest. Sleep. Eat. Laugh. Listen to music. Pray. Meditate. Go for a walk. Whatever it is… rest. Your life, your work and most importantly your friends and family need you to rest. Not just the next best thing. 

P.s. Someone please remind me of this next time I say something silly like this.